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Fr. Kapaun's Remains Identified!

On March 4th the Kapaun family notified the Diocese of Wichita that the Defense POW/MIA Accounting Agency has identified the remains of Chaplain Emil Kapaun.  They were returned to US control after the war, but along with approximately 800 other remains were unable to be identified at the time, and so were interred in the National Cemetery of the Pacific in Hawaii.  Listen to our bonus podcast episode "Finding Father Kapaun" to learn more about this great news from Father Hotze and Father Kapaun's nephew Ray Kapaun.

We at Kapaun's Men can't be more thrilled.  Thanks be to God, and Servant of God Emil Kapaun, pray for us!

A legacy of 
Faith and brotherhood

Servant of God Emil Kapaun was a heroic Catholic Priest and Army Chaplain who gave his life valiantly to build up his men on the battlefields and Prison Camps of Korea. 


We at Kapaun's Men want to further his cause for canonization by imitating his life of heroic virtue and helping men to band together as brothers through original content:

  • Four Original Video Series based on the life and spirituality of Father Kapaun

  • Kapaun's Men Groups for formation and accompaniment

  • The Foxhole Podcast for ongoing encouragement and strength


We hope you'll join us in courageously responding to God's invitation to become better husbands, fathers, leaders and friends.  Learn more below.

Learn more about Father Kapaun

The incredible life and cause for sainthood of our inspiration.


With high quality print and video content on DVD or streaming via Formed.org, Kapaun's Men will help you lead your men along this journey.  We just released our fourth original video series based on Father Kapaun's life and spirituality to help facilitate your group.

Starting a Group

For too long we've tried to go it alone as men. Because Christ-centered fellowship often requires an intentional framework to allow it to flourish, Kapaun's Men has developed a model to help men accompany other men on our paths to Christian manhood.  It's easy to facilitate a Kapaun's Men group.

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The Foxhole Podcast

A podcast for those fighting on the frontlines of faith.  Inspired by Father Kapaun we offer encouragement for your pursuit of virtue & connect you with people all over the world who are living the Gospel in simple yet extraordinary ways. The battle for souls rages around us; we're here to offer you inspiration and strength.


Taking as our model the life of Father Emil Kapaun, a heroic Catholic priest and Army chaplain, Kapaun’s Men are men who are committed to fighting the great spiritual battle that rages around us.  We are a band of brothers who do not fight alone.  Jesus Christ is our strength and our leader.  Father Kapaun is our friend and guide.  A true Servant Leader, Father Kapaun epitomized Christian manhood and challenged his men to do the same.  We desire to emulate his virtues and so become better husbands, fathers, leaders and friends.  

Recognizing that we are stronger together than we are alone, we accompany each other as Father Kapaun accompanied his men.  Are you ready to begin your journey?  If so, Kapaun’s Men has your back.


 “I was really searching at that time for something to latch onto. I found that in going to work 40+ hours a week, chasing after all the kid’s activities, all the volunteering, I was in a rut. I felt like I was just going through the motions, and, quite frankly was looking for friends– a band of brothers – that I could become a part of. Participating in the Kapaun’s Men group has profoundly impacted my daily life and the life of my family.” 

Damian / Wichita, KS

"Everyone was in agreement that this is the best study group ever."

Jim / Larned, KS

 “It has been amazing to see the effect the Fr. Kapaun’s story can have on men so far removed from Kansas.  I grew up hearing about Fr. Kapaun and his amazing life.  My North Carolina group never heard of him, but he has captivated them and changed their lives.” 

Mark / Greenville, NC