Authors: Roy Wenzl and Travis Heying, 2009.  

Based on the research done by Wichita Eagle reporter, Roy Wenzl, and photographer, Travis Heying, this book tells a number of inspiring stories about Kapaun’s impact during the Korean War and his legacy to this day, including three alleged miracles that are under investigation.  Paperback.


From the back cover:

"Emil Kapaun- priest, soldier and Korean War hero- was a rare man.  He was awarded posthumously the Medal of Honor, the nation's highest military award, and is also being considered by the Vatican for canonization as a saint.


Just as remarkable are the many non-Catholic witnesses who attest to Father Kapaun's heroism: the Protestants, Jews and Muslims who either served with the military chaplain in the thick of battle or endured with him the incredibly brutal conditions of a prisoner of war camp.  These Korean War veterans, no matter their religion, agree that Father Kapaun did more to save lives and to maintain morale than any other man they know.


Then there are the alleged miracles- the recent healings attributed to Father Kapaun's intercession that defy scientific explanation.  Under investigation by the Vatican as a necessary step in the process of canonization, these cures witnessed by non-Catholic doctors are also covered in this book.


In tracking down the story of Father Kapaun for the Wichita Eagle, Wenzl and Heying uncovered a paradox.  Kapaun's ordinary background as the son of Czech immigrant farmers in Kansas sowed the seeds of his greatness.  His faith, generosity and grit began with his family's humility, thrift and hard work."

The Miracle of Father Kapaun


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